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I describe Pilates as “mindful movement” as no part of the body is left to its own devices.

I love the precision and challenge of Pilates and how it brings strength and balance to the whole body.  It helps build strong muscles and bones as well as increasing your flexibility, feelings of wellbeing and body awareness.



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Reiki (pronounced “Ray Key”) is a non-invasive gentle, yet powerful Japanese technique of healing.

Reiki energy, or "universal life energy" as it's often described, is accessed by the practitioner during a treatment, and is used for stress reduction and relaxation whilst addressing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages.



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A mixture of what I love to do day to day, simply me being me. I'm all about balance, positivity and doing whatever makes your heart sing.

One day I'll be throwing back a Green Goddess Juice and the next a cheeky Pinot Noir...just how I roll.  Yup balance.  Nourish your body & mind and give your soul a lil love along the way.  

T xx



Tracie is a wonderful pilates instructor who encourages us to improve in each session.  She has excellent technical skills and takes the time to explain the objective of each exercise.
Combined with a delightful personality, we look forward to our reformer sessions every week.  If you want to work with someone who knows her stuff and is also a lovely person, then Tracie is the way to go.
It is an absolute pleasure to provide Tracie with 5 stars and our endorsement to anyone interested in learning Pilates from a great instructor.

- Colin & Amanda S



Tracie has inspired me to pursue Pilates in a big way. With her incredible passion and enthusiasm, alongside her extensive knowledge, I have turned from being terrified of Pilates to becoming literally obsessed. With a teacher like Tracie, I know I will be going to every session no matter what! I regularly reschedule dinner dates just so I can go to Pilates with Tracie on a Tuesday night.

- Hanna T

Tracie is a truly outstanding Pilates teacher. She describes and explains every movement in an exercise in the perfect amount of detail and her positivity and encouragement is second to no one! I cannot recommend her highly enough.      

- Martin K

Pilates has changed my life!
I have been taking Tracie’s classes for just over a year. 
Recently I was discussing the importance of rehabilitation after injury with a girlfriend and it suddenly dawned on me that previously I used to see an Osteo 5 or 6 times a year for lower back and shoulder issues, but since Pilates I have not had the need to go whatsoever and I attribute that to my sessions with Tracie! I am so grateful she encouraged me to have a go and I haven’t looked back since! Thanks Trace, you really have made a huge impact on my life, physically, mentally and spiritually! 

- Katy K

I was always a "gonna" kind of person – gonna go to the gym, gonna go for a run, gonna do exercise – you get the picture!  That was until a colleague of mine asked me to attend one of Tracie's pilates classes with her.  I was very apprehensive and self-conscious to say the least but I walked out of that class feeling 10 feet tall and I have never looked back – that was 8 years ago.  The transformation for me personally has been amazing.  Tracie's passion and enthusiasm for pilates and general wellbeing is infectious.  Tuesdays and Thursdays are my favourite days of the week, or as I refer to them as my pilates days. 

- Wendy T

Bit of a spur of the moment decision to book a reiki session with Tracie and it's funny how the universe has its way of putting these things right in front of you at the right time. I am quite an on the go, high stress, wear my heart on my sleeve type personality, and reiki was just what I needed. Reiki for me helps me let go, destress and find some peace and calmness within myself to keep going. It also puts a lot of things into perspective and makes thoughts in my head much clearer.

Tracie has an amazing gift, and just makes the experience really fulfilling. 

- Lauren M