Reiki is a non-invasive, gentle, yet powerful method of healing

I was introduced to a beautiful Reiki Master, Dorothea, by my dad in the late '90s when he was dealing with a serious health issue.  At the time I had no idea what Reiki was, however after meeting Dorothea and having my first session I was hooked.  It was such an amazing experience, gentle, yet so powerful, that I knew I just had to learn more about it.

I completed my Reiki 1 & 2 Certification with Dorothea Saaghy in 1999 and her motto will stay with me always...

"With love & joy combined - Invincible".

I like to explain Reiki as a gentle, hands on healing that helps activate our body's natural healing ability.  A Reiki with me does involve touch on areas such as the head, stomach, legs and feet while lying on a massage table fully clothed and covered with a blanket.  I suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothing to enable you to fully relax.  It is normal for people to fall asleep or drift in and out of sleep, allowing healing and balancing at a deeper level of consciousness.  You may sense the flow of energies and experience feelings of warmth, tingling, coolness and relaxation.

Reiki works with the subtle energy centres and systems of our body, helping to get any stagnant energy moving again that may be causing or adding to any physical, emotional or mental manifestations or stressors.  It is a proven and effective tool to help restore balance, release tension and negativity, shift old patterns and calm and soothe the mind and body.  It is suitable for all ages, from infants to seniors to those who are pregnant.  .

Looking for some balance and "me time", then I would love to work with you.


Reiki Session: 75 minutes
Investment:     $100

 *SPRING 2019 Promotion: 3 x Reiki Sessions in 8 weeks for $250 (save $50)*

Online booking available soon, however in the meantime please call for an appointment - 0407 844 270

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